Tropical Storm Ophelia takes on New York

Parts of New York City are underwater as record rains have led to life-threatening flooding. Brooklyn received more than a month's worth of rain within three hours. By nightfall on Friday 29 September, Queens recorded... READ MORE

Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Declared

The National Snow and Ice Data Center has just announced that the 2023 minimum Arctic sea ice extent occurred on 19 September and is the 6th lowest on record.... READ MORE

The World Above 1.5°C: Flooding Disasters from Libya to Hong Kong

Global temperatures have slightly decreased after a  summer with 36 consecutive days above any previous record, a phenomenon not seen in at least 125,000 years. However, the two consecutive months above 1.5C provided a... READ MORE

Polar Tipping Points Hub in WEF Global Collaboration Village

This week, the Polar Tipping Points Hub was launched in the Global Collaboration Village, a metaverse built by the World Economic Forum in partnership with Accenture and Microsoft, with scientific support from Arctic... READ MORE

Arctic Basecamp Plays Significant Role in New Polar Metaverse by World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) launched the Polar Tipping Points Hub, a groundbreaking virtual reality experience in collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft, yesterday at UN Climate Week in New York... READ MORE


CO2 Budget Depletion

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"This is an Alarm Call"


How do emissions created by industry near to where you are affect Arctic sea ice?

Try our interactive online tool to find out. Don’t forget to share your results to raise awareness of why the loss of Arctic sea ice effects life as we know it everywhere.

Try it now! 

Find out more.


Watch Professor Gail Whiteman speak on the polar crisis at the World Economic Forum in Davos, .
The poles are warming up to four times faster than the rest of the planet, destabilizing permafrost, ancient glaciers and sea ice. As such, the Arctic and the Antarctic are the Earth’s “canary in the coalmine”.
Explore the connection between the health of the poles and the health of the planet and how Indigenous communities are promoting harmony with nature in their way of life.
Watch the full session here – with Johan Rockström, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, Gail Whiteman and Aslak Holmberg.

Risk Webinar with Deloitte

In July 2023 we hosted a webinar on Data and Climate Risk Management, co-hosted by Deloitte Africa and Arctic Basecamp. Watch it back and learn how data can help us understand and mitigate the effects of climate change and Arctic disruption on the world’s economy and society. Develop a greater understanding and how to better assess widely unconsidered risks to enable more informed decision making and forward planning.

Head to the webinar and hear from experts in the risk and sustainability field.

Arctic Basecamp at Davos 2023

Arctic Basecamp pitched at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos for the seventh time in January 2023.


This film shows the highlights of the week and why we raise awareness of Arctic change to encourage bold climate action from global leaders.



Arctic Warning Series with Reuters Impact

Reuters IMPACT & Arctic Basecamp launch ‘Arctic Warning’


Amid the noise of a frantic news agenda, Arctic Warning aims to keep the climate story front and centre and address the disconnect between boardroom conversations and the concerns, demands and hopes of younger generations. Hosted by Reuters Editor-at-Large Axel Threlfall and Professor Gail Whiteman, Founder of Arctic Basecamp, the series engages leaders from business and politics, activists and changemakers, presenting an exciting new approach to the climate challenge.


Watch the full series HERE.

Arctic Melt - An Ice Cold Bottled Warning

We wanted to put fresh, natural, unadulterated climate facts right under the noses of world leaders, COP26 delegates, climate deniers and reporters in Glasgow. This high profile campaign brought Arctic glacial meltwater right into the heart of COP 26.

These bottles were available at our Arctic Basecamp tent at COP 26 and make regular appearances at Davos and other events. Each limited edition bottle contains messages of risk and the advice not to waste these precious glaciers.

We worked with a Greenlandic enterprise to collect Greenland glacial meltwater at source and worked with a Scottish bottling partner to bottle it into a ‘a single serving of alarming climate facts’. A Bottled Warning.

Find out more HERE.

Arctic Basecamp x Now This Earth

Make Earth Cool Again - An Arctic Basecamp Science Jam

As part of the online Davos Agenda in 2021 Arctic Basecamp hosted an engaging schedule of online conversations to “Make Earth Cool Again”, hosted live by Rainn Wilson and Parisa Fitz Henley.

This free live virtual programme brought together scientists, experts and entertainers in fireside chats, interviews, skits (by award winning comedy writer Chuck Tatham from Modern Family, Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother) and performances to highlight the urgency of fighting climate change through supporting low carbon action and education – in a really accessible way.

Click here for the SCHEDULE.


The following gauges show up-to-date data regarding key indicators in the Arctic. These indicators clearly point to the crisis at hand.

Greenland rate of ice loss
13 million l/s
on average
13 million tonnes/s
on average
Arctic Sea Ice Extent
2,404,499 km²
below 1981-2010 average on 01-Oct-2023
928,377 mi²
below 1981-2010 average on 01-Oct-2023
Arctic Amplification
4 times
faster than global average
Arctic 66N+ Wildfire emissions
24,925.36 megatonnes CO₂e
CO₂e emissions in 2023 so far
Arctic Air Quality (PM2.5)
4.07 microgram per cubic meter
on 02-Oct-2023
Global mean Sea Level
since 1993