A “meteorological hammer” drops on the USA

Europe is already in the wrath of an Arctic blast, but a "meteorological hammer" is about to drop on the USA as well, gripping all but the westernmost regions in days or weeks of below-normal temperatures, supercell... READ MORE

Record temperatures in northern Alaska

The most northern town in Alaska, Utqiaġvik (71°N) reached 40°F/4.5°C on Monday, more than 37°F above the average high temperature for this time of year. Monday's temperature not only surpassed the previous... READ MORE

Temperatures in Europe have increased at more than twice the global average

Temperatures in Europe have increased at more than twice the global average over the past 30 years – the highest of any continent in the world. This includes the Arctic which is the fastest warming region on Earth.... READ MORE

Devastating floods in Nigeria claim over 600 lives

Intense floods like those inundating Nigeria in recent weeks are expected to become more frequent as the globe continues to warm under a thickening blanket of greenhouse gases.... READ MORE

Greenland 8°C warmer in September

In what would be the start to a series of anomalous temperature spikes in the autumnal shoulder season, the temperature at Greenland's highest point was above freezing on Sept 3--the first time ever recorded in... READ MORE


CO2 Budget Depletion

Changed your name? NOW...


The Arctic is warming at a terrifying rate — and what happens in the Arctic, doesn’t stay there. Take our challenge and raise your voice to demand climate action.


What’s Happening in the Arctic?

Today’s task: Find out more about what’s happening in the Arctic — and why the whole world should care. 

In less than half a century, the Arctic has warmed nearly four times faster than the rest of the world. 

But what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic. Each fraction of a degree in Arctic warming is having a huge impact on the whole world, from rising sea levels to more intense heat waves worldwide. 

Today, take less than seven minutes to watch Arctic Basecamp founder, Prof. Gail Whiteman, explain why the melting Arctic matters for us all.


What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay there.

Todays task: Find out how the Arctic is ramping up risks in climate vulnerable countries everywhere.

Rapid Arctic warming and melt are amplifying existing threats to Arctic communities, as well climate-vulnerable areas around the world.



Demand Climate Action

Today’s task: Raise your voice to demand world leaders take climate action NOW.

The world’s richest nations are most responsible for climate change. Meanwhile, the world’s poorest are the ones experiencing its most devastating effects. 

This is climate injustice — and leaders of the world’s richest nations are failing to take action to address it. 

Today, raise your voice and urge leaders of the G20 to act now for countries on the front lines of the climate emergency.



But don’t stop there — you can still do more…



The following gauges show up-to-date data regarding key indicators in the Arctic. These indicators clearly point to the crisis at hand.

The Arctic (66°N+) Surface Temperature
6 % days
in 2023 are above 90th percentile of 1981-2010
2 days
in 2023 are above 90th percentile of 1981-2010
Worldwide number of disasters
265 disasters
more events in 2022 in comparison to 1970s
183 disasters
more events in 2022 in comparison to 1980s
100 disasters
more events in 2022 in comparison to 1990s
Arctic Sea Ice Extent
1,187,499 km²
below 1981-2010 average on 04-Feb-2023
458,493 mi²
below 1981-2010 average on 04-Feb-2023
Arctic Wildfire emissions
-0.00 megatonnes CO₂e
CO₂e emissions in 2023 so far
Greenland rate of ice loss
4.5 hundred thousands l/s
on average in 1986-2015
4.5 tons per second
on average in 1986-2015
Arctic Air Quality (PM2.5)
1.65 microgram per cubic meter
on 05-Feb-2023