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CO2 Budget Depletion


This map is a representation of medium to high climate change related insecurities across the world using meteorological data for the period of 1980-2010 and socio-economic data for 2010. Explore future scenarios HERE.

“The probability of simultaneous heat extremes in these regions increases by a factor of up to 20 for the most severe heat events when the number of north-south waves around the northern hemisphere is between 5 and 7 (see images below showing waves and areas of extreme heat). Two or more weeks per summer spent in the wave-5 or wave-7 regime are associated with 4% reductions in crop production when averaged across the affected regions, with regional decreases of up to 11%.”

Extreme summer weather events linked to tropospheric jet stream disruptions further highlight the need for better prediction and early warning systems in local and regional disaster risk reduction efforts, sustainable/regenerative agricultural practices, and effective water resources management to ensure food and water security.