Extraordinary global heating in the Arctic

Rapid warming and sea-ice loss in the Barents and Kara Seas area are an unmistakable consequence of increasing greenhouse gases. The monumental changes in this region will have devastating impacts... READ MORE


CO2 Budget Depletion


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Global temperature rose 1 °C
data range from X to 2021
Arctic temperature rose 1 °C
data range from X to 2021
Sea level rose 1 mm
data range from X to 2021
September Arctic sea ice declined by 1 %
data range from X to 2021
CO2 in atmosphere rose 1 ppm
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PersonYear of birthGlobal temp (°C)Arctic temp (°C)Sea level (mm)Sea Ice Extent (%)CO2 (ppm)
Billie Eilish200111111
Finneas Baird O'Connell199711111
Girl in Red199911111
Robert Plant194811111
Paul McCartney194211111
Kae Tempest198511111
Billy Bragg195711111
Emily Eavis197911111
Michael Eavis193511111
Chris Packham196111111
Lucy Cooke197011111
Bruce Parry196911111
Justin Rowlatt196611111
Roger Harrabin195511111
Ed Miliband196911111
Andy Day198111111
Andy Burnham197011111
Diana Ross194811111
Herbie Hancock194011111

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