The first moderate heatwave is forecast for Greenland around June 1,... READ MORE

One of Greenland’s largest glaciers is actively melting from beneath

Below the surface, the Petermann Glacier, one of Greenland's largest, is actively melting--from... READ MORE

Global Temperature expected to rise above 1.5°C within 5 years

Scientists expect that the global temperature will rise above the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold within the next five years. The World Meteorological Organization has indicated that, due to a combination of fossil fuel... READ MORE

Canada heatwave spreading into Northwestern USA

The extreme, yet early season, heatwave that has gripped much of Canada over the past two weeks is showing no signs of abating, and is spreading into Northwestern USA. This heatwave is the result of an abnormally strong... READ MORE

Canadian Heatwave expected with temps +10°C above normal

A significant heatwave is expected throughout much of Canada next week bringing temperatures more than 10°C above normal. This heatwave is notable for several reasons—notably that it is occurring so early in the... READ MORE


CO2 Budget Depletion


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Global temperature rose 1 °C
data range from X to 2021
Arctic temperature rose 1 °C
data range from X to 2021
Sea level rose 1 mm
data range from X to 2021
September Arctic sea ice declined by 1 %
data range from X to 2021
CO2 in atmosphere rose 1 ppm
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PersonYear of birthGlobal temp (°C)Arctic temp (°C)Sea level (mm)Sea Ice Extent (%)CO2 (ppm)
World Economic Forum197111111
Billie Eilish200111111
Greta Thunberg200311111
Sanna Marin (PM, Finland)198811111
Marc Benioff (CEO, Salesforce)196411111
Joe Biden (President, USA)194211111
Tik Tok201611111
Leonardo Di Caprio197411111
Justin Trudeau (PM, Canada)197111111
Bill Gates (Founder, Microsoft)195511111
Ben van Beurden (CEO, Shell)195311111
Ellie Goulding198611111
Yuri Gagarin's first manned space flight196111111
First Earth Day197011111
First COP (Berlin)199511111
WWF founded196111111

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The following gauges show up-to-date data regarding key indicators in the Arctic. These indicators clearly point to the crisis at hand.

Greenland rate of ice loss
4.5 hundred thousands l/s
on average in 1986-2015
4.5 tons per second
on average in 1986-2015
Worldwide number of disasters
265 disasters
more events in 2022 in comparison to 1970s
183 disasters
more events in 2022 in comparison to 1980s
100 disasters
more events in 2022 in comparison to 1990s
Arctic Sea Ice Extent
623,500 km²
below 1981-2010 average on 30-May-2023
240,733 mi²
below 1981-2010 average on 30-May-2023
Arctic Amplification
2.82 times
faster than global average in last 30 years
2.57 times
faster than global average in last 50 years
2.54 times
faster than global average in last 70 years
Arctic Wildfire emissions
0.52 megatonnes CO₂e
CO₂e emissions in 2023 so far
Arctic Air Quality (PM2.5)
5.69 microgram per cubic meter
on 31-May-2023