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CO2 Budget Depletion

20 Mar 2023

It’s now or never – IPCC 6th Assessment Report released today

Today the final synthesis of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s 6th Assessment Report cycle was released. This synthesis report restates that it is “now or never” to act, and that we are well on the path to irreversible climate catastrophe.

While 5/6 of the tipping points that will still be crossed even if we stay within the Paris Agreement temperature limits are in the poles, the effects are global. Emissions have continued to grossly rise even as governments around the world make pledges to stay in line with targets agreed back in 2015.

The world is clearly off-track, and this is our Moonshot moment. With the Willow oil drilling project in in the Arctic having been given the go-ahead just last week this report highlights the urgency for positive action.

We have solutions to curb the crisis if we act now. We need policy leaders, decision makers and global executives to stop waiting for someone else and some other time, but to take drastic and urgent action immediately. Want to know what you can do? Check out our solutions page.

A world past 1.5C or even 2C is not a safe world.

Key insights from the report:

  • With current policies, Earth temperatures will rise between 2.2 and 3.5 °C
  • Lack of action is triggering catastrophic events, which can change the climate “irreversibly”
  • ~3.5 billion people are in immediate death danger from climate-related floods, droughts, and storms
  • UN Secretary-General Guterres specifically urged:
    – Coal phase-out by 2040
    – NetZero electricity generation by 2035
    – 0 new oil & gas licenses immediately

Read the IPPC’s Synthesis Report HERE.



The following gauges show up-to-date data regarding key indicators in the Arctic. These indicators clearly point to the crisis at hand.

Greenland rate of ice loss
4.5 hundred thousands l/s
on average in 1986-2015
4.5 tons per second
on average in 1986-2015
Worldwide number of disasters
265 disasters
more events in 2022 in comparison to 1970s
183 disasters
more events in 2022 in comparison to 1980s
100 disasters
more events in 2022 in comparison to 1990s
Arctic Sea Ice Extent
621,999 km²
below 1981-2010 average on 29-May-2023
240,154 mi²
below 1981-2010 average on 29-May-2023
Arctic Amplification
2.82 times
faster than global average in last 30 years
2.57 times
faster than global average in last 50 years
2.54 times
faster than global average in last 70 years
Arctic Wildfire emissions
0.49 megatonnes CO₂e
CO₂e emissions in 2023 so far
Arctic Air Quality (PM2.5)
5.79 microgram per cubic meter
on 30-May-2023